Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Thing

You remember this? That scene from "City Slickers" where Curly (Jack Palance) tells Mitch (Billy Crystal) the one thing he needs.

It came to my mind today because a few Siblings out in blogland have been sharing some deep things... digging deep and discovering that Jesus is that "One thing."

I used to agree with U2's Bono, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" but I no longer do. He is what I've been looking for.

Papa... help me keep my heart and mind steadfastly on you. Only you satisfy the deep recesses of me. You are our rest, our hope, our purpose, our One and only.

- - - - -


  1. Dave,
    This clip was excellent. I so get it. Such truth here. Thanks for posting! Good stuff.

    ~Amy :)

  2. Dave,

    I loved this as you know I am an addicted to love movie guy, and this is a true love story, Mitch discovering what that one thing is, is wonderful!

    You bless me Bro :)

  3. Hi Amy... good to see you. Yeah, that clip has refreshed me. Glad you enjoyed.

    I love what I'm seeing amongst just this small group of siblings that I find myself connecting with via these blogs. We are discovering just how big and great and loving and personal our God is.

  4. Rich... I know you be the movie guy for sure. I love how you're able to see and take away so much from flicks. And draw from them wonderful analogies.

    Thanks for your ongoing encouragement.

  5. Awww, yeah.
    That ONE thing!
    Gotta have it... or die.

  6. Hey Free Spirit... I think we gotta have it too... then we get it and then we die anyways... but it's a really good death to ourselves and unto the Life in Him!

    Though I know Christ died once for all, and it's His life in us that we now live... I also know too well that this old flesh pile of me will continue to face many more deaths to myself.

    How you doing, Sis'? Aren't frustrations over life's dealings wild and wonderful? No, I know they suck, but take hold of Him who holds out His hand in the midst of all that sucks and says, "Take hold, child, I've got you and we're riding this thing together. It sucks now but just wait what I have for you... even now... know that I am yours and you are Mine. Let that be enough!"

  7. Hey, thanks for your encouragement, Dave.
    You know, I'm not sure how I am. One minute I think I'm fine, and the next, I'm back in tears. I feel like I'm starting over where I don't want to start over. I feel like putting the world on hold until I get a hold of myself or have a breakthrough or something. I was getting on with my life, in a very happy way, and now this.
    I'd like to go on. But, I'm gonna stop short of making a mess of myself, here.
    Thank you for caring and asking. I feel like I sense a sincerity in you, and that makes a difference. :)

  8. Free Spirit... I know well that up and down life style. Today has been an up day for me for sure. All I did was get tired of myself and turned myself and my burdens over to Papa and He refreshed me and reminded me who and Whose I am. My problems haven't gone away but I found what I was really looking for in Him.

    I am praying for you in this MS battle.