Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life Changes

Life is frustrating. It changes and often goes in different directions than you'd expect or than you'd like. And God is at the helm, busily frustrating and changing us, taking us into different directions, many which we'd just rather not go.

But we go.

On the other hand we do a pretty good job of taking ourselves places we should just avoid. We think we're on the right path because, well, there's so many others on that same path.

I was so focused for so long on all things "end times" and drawn into all the hoopla where those in the eschatological camps dwell.

I've had enough.

I've gone back to my Roots. His name is Jesus. And I want to live There.

I've grown tired (thank you so much, Lord) of living in the End Times. I believe we are in the end times, have been in them probably for since the Ascension. But I no longer desire to focus on all that. It did a number on me. A very bad one. It left me feeling helpless and, pessimistic. It left me feeling that all is futile. Jesus is coming back, the world is going to hell, so what's the use?

Lovely, eh?

And this is eternal life... that you may know Him.

That's where I want to live... to know Him, ever-increasingly so.

SO, if you happen to stumble upon this website and read a lot of nail-biting stuff regarding End Times stuff, please know that I am someone in transition. I am not the same person I was six months ago, six days ago, six hours ago.

To be continued, sometime, maybe here in this blog, maybe not. We'll see.