Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is He Enough?

I wish I could get that 12 string guitar I've always wanted then I'd be satisfied.

When I get away for some much needed vacation time then I'll be satisfied.

If that teaching position happened for me back in January then I'd be satisfied.

If only I could express my thoughts like so and so on his/her blog then I'd be satisfied.

If only I made more money then I'd be satisfied.

When I get that new MacBook that I've had my eyes on then I'll be satisfied.

Now when I get that much needed Apple LCD monitor I'll really be satisfied.

When my freelance design business grows then I'll be satisfied.

If only I could drop 40 pounds and get into shape then I'd be satisfied.

I wish I were not so fat, stupid, lazy, old, then I'd be satisfied.

I wish I were not so self-loathing then I'd be satisfied.

There's more for sure that I could add. And you, for sure, have your own "If onlys."

I came to the hard realzation (again) that my mind and heart had drifted towards "the things of Earth that grow strangely dim" and away from Him.

Oh why can't He be my Sugar Daddy and grant me all that I believe I need?

Why is it that when we get what we think we need we're often so dissatisfied and found wanting for more? But more of the Earth's treasures always come up void of real Life.

So thanks to Wayne and Brad, over at the, and a few others, I've regained consciousness, awareness, of what and Who is my only true satisfaction. Thanks to Him.

I've had to ask myself (again), "Is He enough?"

Lord, I believe that You are enough. You are my satisfaction, my completeness, my only real Life. Help me with my unbelief. Help me to live by your grace and not by my desires. Thank you for showing me, for showing us the reality of ourselves and the hopelessness of us without You.

Listen here for the podcast that helped inspire this writing... "He Is Enough"

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  1. Hi Dave,
    deep sigh .. that was good,
    only want Him. help us Father !

    Dave, the link didn't redirect me
    ? does it still work ?