Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jesus is the Coming King!: WHY RESIST IT?

Jesus is the Coming King!: WHY RESIST IT?: If I had a categories under which to post these blogs, I could include "goals, plans, and hopes" as well as "end time prophec...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

While the insanity escalates this One Hope remains...

While our leaders in D.C. —Democrats and Republicans alike— continue this incredulous stalemate, the insanity continues.

This is more, much more than just politicians wanting their own way. This is a conscious effort of those in power to bring this country down. And it's happening more quickly than anyone expected.

Many believe that there could be civil war right here in the U.S. and it seems we're not far from it. Citizens are sick and tired of the nonsense and the absurdities. There are very few real leaders with morals left in our nation's capitol.

Next week perhaps millions of truckers from the U.S. and Canada will descend upon D.C. And there's talk of another march next month. Something is going to blow. Things cannot carry on like this much longer.

This country is standing at a precipice and we're about to fall off. If you don't see it then you haven't been paying attention. You've been right where those in power want you... blind and ignorant.

There have always been evil leaders who have pulled strings to get what they want, but In the background of it all has always been Satan, the devil himself, the personification of evil. We are in most evil times now and it will only get worse.

We are running out of time. What's the answer? The same as I've always said... Jesus. To those who know Him He has provided a way of escaping the things that are coming upon this country and the world. Put your trust in Him now. If you don't know Him ask Him to save you. We are heading for tumultuous times. God foretold us in His Bible and these things are coming to pass. So we are without excuse.

Jesus remains our only hope. Accept Him and His free gift of salvation today.

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Below is another view of the escalating insanity...