Sunday, July 5, 2015

Swan Song - Last Words

I'm not sure if anyone reads these occasional rants of mine, but this shall be my last here in the blogging world.

I'll share what I shared with a friend recently. It is, as far as I'm concerned, the last word. Perhaps more a final warning to all…

Jesus is coming to take His Church home.
Are you ready?
Do you know Him?

You and I go back together a quite few years and I’ve never been this forthright with you like this. But I can’t hold back any longer. This is way too important. All I ask is that you think about what I share here. The crap we’re going through now is but a drop in the eternal bucket. There is hope, but not with what this dying world has to offer…

It’s not 1961. Times are very different now… nationally, globally. The near future is looking dark. The economy is a house of cards waiting to topple. We’re on the brink of WWIII starting. And now we’re talking nuclear. Then there’s climate extremes happening (no, Al Gore, it’s not warming)… wild weather, earthquakes increasing, volcanic activity rising in places once thought forever dormant. The whole earth is changing. The list of things happening in the world is a mile long. Just incredibly hard to fathom. Seems we’re living in a movie rather than reality. But, and most folks don’t want to hear it, the Bible foretold about these days. I believe we are living in the last of the last ones. God has been incredibly merciful and gracious, but His clock is running out and his judgement is coming.

Jesus Christ is truly the only Good News. It’s not about religion… going to church, trying to live a good life. It’s all about what He did for us… paid for our sins. We’ve all sinned. Sin is what’s wrong with the world. We all have fallen short of God’s perfect standard. Thankfully Jesus fulfilled what we couldn’t do by living a perfect life and taking our sins to the cross with Him… paying a debt that we can never repay… offering a free gift of salvation to anyone who would simply believe in Him and what He did for us. And on top of that He overcame death, came back to life and promises again that those who believe in His name will also have eternal life. And while this world is dying there’s a place called Heaven that Jesus said He was preparing a place for those that believe in Him.

This isn't fairy tale stuff written thousands of years ago. It’s not pie-in-the-sky, “good for you that you believe in this…whatever works for you” stuff. This is it. This is as real as it gets. I believe this with all my heart, mind and being.

I know this is a lot to ponder, but I pray that you take time to do so.

Jesus is real and He’s very much alive and “knocking at the door” to all who who hear Him and open up their lives to Him. John 3:16, which unfortunately has become so common and trite, still holds true and is the crux of the Good News.

Peace! (He alone offers true peace)