I opened this blog a few years ago, under the name of DesignChimp, a silly online moniker of mine. I have loved writing for some time and blogging provided first, a means to journal my thoughts and second, a way to share those thoughts with others. Oh, you mean this isn't unique? :-)

I took down my Blogger blog a year ago, because I grew tired of it. Maybe more tired of myself and what seemed to me more like ranting than writing. Well, I began writing again, journaling my ponderances (after pondering my journalances. Sorry).

Anywho, recently I was pondering this and I wanted to write it down. From it came the thought to open a blog again. This is for me and anyone else that happens to stumble upon it. But I think mainly for me. But who knows. I guess I'll continue to rant and write.


I walk through the woods in an early morning. The sun is coming up, peeking through the trees. Warm light begins to fill the cracks between the branches and rays spill upon the ground. I turn my eyes Heavenward and give the Lord thanks for this foretaste.

Heaven will be full of more beauty than this.

My son graduates from college. I am so proud of him. We have a party to celebrate him with family and friends. Sitting around a campfire that night with him and a bunch of his buds, I look around and give the Lord thanks for this foretaste.

Heaven will be full of greater fellowship than this.

Many years ago I saw a sight that I will never forget and have always wished to see again. I was camping with a group of school friends on a little island on the Connecticut River, way up almost into Canada. One late evening while laying on some rocks at river side I viewed for the first and only time the most spectacular Milky Way. I was awestruck by its vastness and beauty. I didn’t know the Lord then, but I knew what was up there didn’t happen by accident. I thank Him now for that foretaste.

Heaven will be full of the spectacular and the awesome.

There is so much more that I take for granted in this life, this side of Heaven. As the days and seasons pass and the longer I walk with the Lord, the more I see Him reflected in things and others around me. And I see that being a foretaste of more wonderful things to come on the other side of Heaven. I thank Him for Him.

The longer I walk this earth the more I long for Heaven and Him.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Lord's peace to us as we await His return.


Dave Aldrich