Poetry, et cetera

A collection of poems and other things that for the most part I wrote several years ago.
In rereading these I've concluded that some may think that I am in need of therapy.
Grateful I am for Doctor Jesus.

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Are We Listing?

Are we listening?
Are we awake?
Or are we lost in illusion
   for goodness sake?

Can’t you hear it?
Can’t you see?
Have you learned the lesson
   from the fig tree?

Signs are everywhere.
Momentum’s rising.
The world’s in turmoil
   but who is crying?

Where are those
   in Him they hope?
Are many watching?

“Where is this Jesus?
You say He’s coaming?
Well please excuse me
   while I keep humming.”

“All is well here,
   now move along.
Nothing to see here.”
Keep singing that song.

Like a thief in the night
   coming all of sudden.
He’ll snatch those away
   because they’re His beloved.

And those that are left
   will mourn and weep.
Calamity will come
   then no one will sleep.

But while there’s still time
   take action, my friend.
And turn to Lord
   In Him to depend.

Politicians won’t save you
   neither silver nor gold.
Only the Cross of Jesus
   will save your soul.

Because of God’s love
   He wants no one to perish.
Not you, nor your loved ones.
All those that we cherish.

So He sent His Son
   to die in your place.
He took sin to the Cross
   and endured such disgrace.

But it didn’t end there.
He lives, that’s Good News.
Eternal life for you
   if you choose.

Death or Life?
It’s yours to choose.
Come to Him today.
   don’t refuse.

Time is short.
Please, don’t refuse.

~ ~ ~

“And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.” —1 John 5:11

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”
—John 3:16-18

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?”

daa 9.7.12

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All that I tried to reconcile
To make some sense
To run the mile
To make it there only to find
I should have sat instead I climbed…

I climbed and climbed hand over hand
To reach some place
Some new found land
To arrive at last so I could stay
With no more need to Him to pray…

Becoming still throughout much noise
Finding Him in tears and joys
Accepting life in all occasions
As I ponder on Galations
No longer sensing condemnation…

I'm quiet now and listening
From dark to light to glistening
The veil is torn
The shadows run
It's Him, The Light, Eternal Son!

And so I wait, but moving still
Learning to move
Learning His will
I release my need to go my way
And find His grace, right now, today…

We've been asleep
We've gone astray
We chose to live faith our own way
And so He calls, He has our number
It's time to wake from our own slumber.

daa 1.30.11

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No More

No more building dynasties

    of brick and wood and flesh and bone.

No more restless, mindless walking,
    striving, aimless on my own.

No more painting Jesus by the numbers.

    No more seeking my own throne.

No more living through another.

    No one else but He alone.

daa 6.13.06

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Remember Me

Where would You have me to go, Lord?

    Where would You have me to go?

I've walked this way for a while, Lord

    and not I'm not sure where to go?

Follow Me where I Am, son.

    Follow Me day by day.

Keep walking and resting in Me, son.

    Remember that I am The Way.

daa 7.27.06

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To My Friend and Fellow Sibling in Jesus

My friend,
I may not understand you,
but still, I love you.

We may not see eye to eye,
but still, we know Him.

This time is but a breath
and will soon pass to the next.

May we continue in the way
He’s set before each of us,
while loving and encouraging others,
pointing them to God's mercy and grace
through the Cross of Jesus Christ,
and enjoying the life He’s given us.

Keeping our eyes on Him,
Who is the perfecter and finisher of our faith,
we remain united and one in Him—


daa 3.13.13

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Life and Death

I went out to die today.

    I didn't intend to do so.

I went to give a part of me,

    And the rest just took the blow.

The life that Jesus gave me

    I tried to share a part.

But the rejection was too painful

    As the brother tore my heart.

Why are religious obligations

    Proper things to share?

But try to share this Life in Him

    And so many just don't care.

They'd rather boast the things they do

    Their abstinence they cry.

They're idea of fellowship

    Leaves me empty, high and dry.

I go out to die today.

    To them I lay my life.

Lord help me die that you may live

    And draw them through this strife.

daa 8.23.06

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The next book,
    The next paragraph,
Just the next line,
    Will bring me closer to You.

The next mountaintop,
    The next gathering with the Saints,
Just the next experience,
    Will draw me closer to You.

The next blessing,
    The next pat on the back,
Just the next good thing that happens to me
    Will be evidence of Your love for me.

But where are you, Lord,
    When none of the above is present,
When nothing makes sense any more?

Where are You when I'm in a dark valley,
    When the fog is heavier than the Light is light?

Where are You when my next experience
    Is loneliness or despair,
When I'm not affirmed by others
    But cursed instead?

Where are You when my circumstances overwhelm me,
    When the next book, gathering, forum, message,
Or any other human input satisfies no longer?

Only You, O Lord, my God, my Jesus,
    My Father, my Abba, my Papa, can satisfy.
Only in You am I complete, whole, finished.
    All else is sinking sand, dung, refuse.

Only You, are what I want, hunger and thirst for.

Only You.

daa 6.17.08

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End of the Vacation

This rest has come and gone.
The time is but a memory.
This day won't come again.
I loved the change of scenery.

To work I go again.
Tomorrow brings familiarness.
It seems to never end.
The ups, the downs, the sameness.

But the here and now.
The moment's where I want to live.
The ups, the downs somehow
I want to love. I want to give.

So savor every day.
Every single blessed speck.
That sameness drive away.
Take some chances, what the heck.

Walk in faith and grab some grace.
Don't just sit and take up space.
Life just needs a slower pace.
It's not a race. It's not a race

daa 7.09

^ This poem was written in the “Summer of my discontent.”
Little did I know that two months later my job of 30 years
would be terminated. Oy.

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Unraveled and Undone

My life has been on display for my eyes to see as well as those in Heaven.

And Him unraveling me, layer by layer, millimeter by millimeter.

It seemed it was a process by a silent, cold-hearted surgeon, uncaring of the pain being induced.

The silence was overwhelming, dark and deafening, and it engulfed me causing me to withdraw deep into sorrow.

Being a master of appearances I kept the outside of this cup appearing fine and untroubled.

But within the storm raged, the torment burned, and I felt so damned lost.

Through it all my heart continually cried out for You with a prayer as simple as, "Help me!"

The internal war continued to rage and You continued to appear to be so distant.

Then, when I least expected it, You showed up.

Not with a feeling of strong swooping arms lifting me up, telling me all was okay,

But with a gradual undoing.

This sense of Him was growing in me once again.

My prayer was not answered with a shout but with an

I am undone… again.

daa 5.6.10

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Sung to the tune of "The Age of Aquarius"

When the Son is in the Eastern sky
And with the trumpet He shouts "ARISE!"
Then peace will fall upon us
Who are called by His Name

It is the Rapture of the Body of Christ
The Body of Christ
The Rapture! The Rapture!

Glorified new bodies
Promised mansions awaiting
No more pain or suffering
Our Bridegroom's revelation
Of our final liberation
Lead us to our adoration
Of Jesus! Of Jesus!

Let the Son shine
Let the Son shine
The Son shine in you heart

He is coming
Our Bridegroom is coming
Our Lord is coming soon

daa 2.14.14

- = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = -

Too many Voices

Too many voices inside my head.
Some telling me I'm better off dead.
Some telling me I'm better than him.
Some telling me I'd better get slim.

Too many voices inside my head.
Days like this I truly dread.
The One I really need to hear
Seems foggy, distant, not so clear.

My ego needs stroking.
My emotions are smoking.
Jesus is talking
But I'm busy walking

Around in circles.

Too many circles.

Too many voices inside my head.
But I wake up, get out of bed
And force myself to plow ahead.
I take hold my Lover's truth instead.

Too many voices yet I declare
Only One is all we need to hear.
Speaking love and grace and have no fear.
That's the One that just came clear.
That's the One that just came clear.

daa 5.22.08


I Forget

This day's been hard, I'm not sure why.
My mind has drifted to earth from sky.
I'm down in the fog feeling tired and spent.
Yesterday's grace has got up and went.

How could it be in 24 hours,
That I forget His love and His power?
Am I any different? Is He still the same?
The One who loves me is not playing some game.

It's me and forgetfulness that's all against me.
Not to mention the deceiver, that dark enemy.
He'd have me believe that I'm no son of God,
But my heart recalls that Truth from above.

How could it be in 24 hours,
That I forget His love and His power?
Am I any different? Is He still the same?
The One who loves me is not playing some game.

I remember that Message of hope's still the same,
And Jesus, my Redeemer, the Lord, He that came.
Yesterday, today, forever the same.
Always the same, always the same.

daa 12.12.03  -  revised: 6.8.06


A Glimmer of Hope

A glimmer of hope is what I'm looking for
A sparkle of optimism to be found
But as circumstances of life get the best of me
I find myself tired of looking down

So I look upward, beyond what is seen
Outward, beyond my reach
Towards the Heavenlies where God resides
And inward where He dwells in me

Jesus you are what I’m looking for
You’ve always been here now I see
It took my tiredness of looking elsewhere
To finally look unto Thee!

daa 3.25.15


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