Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time Is Short. The world is crazy.

With all the craziness in the world these days between threats of global war and economic collapse, extreme weather, volcanic and earthquake activity and just plain evil that appears to be on the rise I keep hearing the words, "Get busy reaching the lost."

The world is in trouble. Political leaders continue to prove that they cannot provide the answers to solve the woes of the world. Governments are proving to be less and less trustworthy in protecting us and our freedoms. And sadly most are numb to these facts.

Time is running out. It's time to wake up to the fact that there remains but only one Hope. And that is Jesus Christ. He's always been our only hope.

The woes of the world have always been based on one thing. Sin. This is a fallen world. Not how God intended it, but because of free will that He gave mankind man chose to revolt against Him and His creation. We are all broken as a result. Broken in our relationship towards Him and towards one another.

The fix?

The Cross.

You know the verse: John 3:16. God's eternal plan for saving us from the penalty of sin and saving us from ourselves.

Jesus died for your sins and mine because God so loved the world and He desires that none of us should perish but live forever with Him. He loves so incredibly. If you're not sure about that look again to the cross that He died upon. Look at His arms stretched open wide as
if saying, "I love you this much! Come to Me!"

Time is short. Things are not getting better. This world is winding down and getting ready to collapse on itself. If you're not convinced this is true then you may not be living on the same planet that I am.

Time is short. If you don't know Jesus now's a good time to know Him. "Today is the day of salvation."

If you do know Him I urge you to get busy reaching the lost. Talk to people about Him and God's wonderful gift of salvation. It's not easy. Those closest to us seem to be the hardest to reach, but share anyway, because Jesus indeed is their only Hope.

His peace to us.


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