Thursday, October 27, 2011

False Prophets and True Prophecy

False prophet Harold Camping proves once again his falseness. This is about the 12th time during his "ministry" that his prophecies regarding the rapture and the end of the world have not come to pass. 

Camping has led many astray, but the greater evil that this man has done is in denigrating the truth of scripture that speaks of the Lord's return and the coming time called the Tribulation. Now anyone seeing the reality of these most precarious and perilous times we are living, and desiring to share with others, is most likely ridiculed and lumped with the likes of characters like Camping.

How many more earthquakes and volcanic rumblings do we need to believe that seismic activity has been greatly ramping up in "diverse places" and the increase of civil unrest, with "nation against nation" is on the rise, to convince us that are indeed in these last days as Jesus Himself told us about?

Jesus remains The Way, The Truth, and The Life... the only way to the Father and eternal life.

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