Sunday, July 24, 2011


From Romans 8:

I believe that the present suffering is nothing compared to the coming glory that is going to be revealed to us. The whole creation waits breathless with anticipation for the revelation of God’s sons and daughters. Creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice—it was the choice of the one who subjected it—but in the hope that the creation itself will be set free from slavery to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of God’s children.

We know that the whole creation is groaning together and suffering labor pains up until now. And it’s not only the creation. We ourselves who have the Spirit as the first crop of the harvest also groan inside as we wait to be adopted and for our bodies to be set free. We were saved in hope. If we see what we hope for, that isn’t hope. Who hopes for what they already see? But if we hope for what we don’t see, we wait for it with patience.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Are you tired, weary, heavy laden, looking, seeking, desiring rest?

Christian, are you tired of this world and growing in hope and desiring for the Lord's return?

Are you groaning?!

I am.

To those who have been of the mindset, that the purpose of the believer in Jesus here on earth, is to fix the earth, sweep it of sin, elect the "right" officials to make a "pure" society for Jesus to usher in His kingdom, I say... How's that been working for you?

This world is dying quickly my friends. It too is groaning for the Lord. All of Creation groans for His return to finally make all things right. That's been His job from the get-go. And He promised that He would from the beginning, since Man's fall. It hasn't been our job to fix the earth or fix people by forcing society, using our wit and wisdom to make it "Christian."

Are we tired enough of this place yet?

I am by no means being a pessimist, or worse a fatalist. No, not at all. I am simply recognizing the fact that a greater reality awaits the believer in Christ. And while we spend so much time trying to fix this planet and it's unsaved inhabitants, we miss this reality.

So what then - do we just not care about others, about things? No, I mean we take time to assess ourselves and seek the Lord to readjust our focus. Are we so fixated on our present circumstances that we are missing His bigger picture? There is an immense picture being broadened right in front of us, but many are asleep to it. The signs of the times of prophecies past have been screaming at us to pay attention.

This is not a call to fret or worry, but simply a call to seek Him with all our hearts... to lay down our differences in the Body of Christ, between brother and brother, sister and sister. Get away from the noise of the daily grinding wheel, the rat race hamster wheel, and quiet yourselves before Him. It's time we ask Him for directions without our own agendas getting in the way.

Let's be quiet for Him and listen, really listen to what He is saying.

More to come. More to say. As He allows.



  1. Good thoughts Bro..not sure where it is but I know it's there somewhere in the scriptures, but it says something to this affect, "Your love is that which quiet's me"!

    How many are seeking some quite space and I'm not knocking that at all if in fact He is the One motivation that one to do such a thing, thing is though, without knowing, experiencing His love right where we're at, the so called quite place will be nothing but a mirage filled with perhaps even more noise.

  2. I so agree, Bro. Is this the verse you were thinking of?:

    The LORD your God is among you, a warrior who saves.
    He will rejoice over you (B) with gladness.
    He will bring [you] quietness [a] with His love.
    He will delight in you with shouts of joy." Zeph. 3:17

  3. YES, there it is in all of its glory, thanks Bro!