Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Social Network Rant


Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweetin', Bloggin'

Social networks worn my noggin'

Tired of all this self-promotion

"Look at me!" the brand I'm totin'

Marketing me so I stand out

Amongst the throngs I have to shout

"Follow me because I'm worth it!"

But do you really give a shit?

Are you tired? Want to moan?

Trying to make one of your own?


  1. This venting of mine is due to the place I find myself in at the moment. It's not meant to point the finger at anyone but me and my motivations. And it's a venting pointed towards this need (driven by the culture gurus) to promote myself, market myself, to be successful in business.

    At the moment I am very tired of my exhausting attempts to be somebody.

    What I really want is simple... a simplified, simple life. I want to follow Jesus... I want to learn what I began to learn but seem to have lost it... I want to "learn the unforced rhythms of grace"... I want to go back to living in the moment... to listen, really listen to what Father is saying and follow that... follow Him.... See More

    If you've read this... thanks for listening to this rant of mine.

  2. Hey Dave! Popped over here for a moment. Wanted to say hi! Funny, cuz many a time I have thought about how that's the main draw for most on Facebook, etc. It's a false sense of self-importance/identity (for most).

    Like almost anything, it CAN be a great tool, but also can be the devil's playground.

    Hoping all is well with you, brother. :)

  3. You've made my House and den of thieves! That's what I hear Him saying bro through so much of what is trying to pass as Him.

  4. I concur, Rich. Again we want to take such passages and apply it to "those other people," while all along we are all guilty of trying to fill this "House" with every thing but Him.